Home Remedies For a Tooth Ache

Home Remedies For a Tooth Ache

A tooth ache can be painful and unpleasant and it’s important to understand the type of pain you’re experiencing. The pain can last for a couple of minutes or an hour. Sometimes it goes away without any treatment, but in other cases, it can linger for hours. Pain may also come and go, and it could indicate a deeper problem. If the pain does not stop after a while, it’s possible that there is a cavity, abscess, or crack in the tooth.

Toothache is caused by an infection of the dental pulp, the soft layer within the tooth that contains sensitive nerve endings. A toothache can be caused by a dental cavity, trauma, or infection, or it can be a referred pain that originates in the jaw. Regardless of the cause, finding the root of the pain is the first step to treating it and finding relief. A toothache can be excruciating, accompanied by pain in the jaw, and is often the reason that people seek emergency dental care. It is also a common reason for people to take time off work.

To relieve the pain and swelling caused by a toothache, you can use an over-the-counter pain reliever. You can also use clove oil or an over-the-counter gel containing Benzocaine to reduce the pain. A cold compress may also relieve the pain. Asafetida is a resin-like plant that is used as a medicinal ingredient. It can be ground and mixed with fresh lemon juice to create a paste that can be applied directly to the sore tooth. The paste will reduce the pain and inflammation almost immediately. This is especially helpful if your tooth has a cavity.

You can also use fresh cucumber to treat a toothache. If you’re sensitive, bring it to room temperature before applying it to the affected tooth. Another useful home remedy is chewing up a raw onion and placing it on the sore tooth. This remedy can help ease the pain and kill germs that cause it. You should only use a small amount of onion. However, the raw onion may be painful and should be avoided in case of a severe toothache.

While home remedies for a tooth ache can provide relief for a short period of time, they may not be enough to alleviate the pain. If the tooth ache is severe and is not caused by an injury, it is necessary to see a dentist for a proper diagnosis and treatment. Taking prescription pain medications will only mask the pain and the symptoms will return after you stop taking the drugs. It is important to see a dentist if the pain persists for a long time.

In order to diagnose a tooth ache, you should remember that tooth pain comes in waves and is often persistent. Understanding how to identify the various types of tooth pain will help you better diagnose the problem and seek treatment. The pain might be caused by a tooth decay or a gum recession, or it may be the result of a loose filling. You should also check for signs of infection and throbbing. In this case, you should contact a dentist immediately.