Makeup Tips for a Natural Radiant Look

Makeup Tips for a Natural Radiant Look

Gaining a natural-looking makeup look can be challenging in summer months, but with the appropriate products and techniques it’s entirely achievable!

FaceStudio Master Prime provides an effective primer that promotes healthy-looking skin and keeps makeup lasting all day. Apply Instant Age Rewind Perfector on areas you wish to highlight – like dark circles and the bridge of your nose – where additional luminosity may be desired.

Start with a Hydrating Primer

Face primer creates the ideal environment for makeup to adhere smoothly and blend beautifully, and is key in creating an authentic radiant look that lasts throughout the day.

The best hydrating primers contain skin-quenching ingredients to deliver a radiant makeup finish. Select from formulas formulated to moisturize with bamboo powder, replenish skin with hyaluronic acid or enhance complexion by including botanical extracts in their formulas.

If your skin tends towards oiliness, opt for a mattifying primer containing ingredients like salicylic acid and bamboo powder to control excess shine. For an illuminating finish, shimmery face primers offer luminosity to the complexion.

Avoid overusing primer as too much product can create a cakey makeup effect. Start with applying just a pea-sized amount with your fingertips and patting into specific areas where oil or creases may show. Allow to sit before proceeding with makeup application.

Get Dewy Skin

Dewy finishes look healthy and radiant, and work well for those with dry skin and light or natural makeup looks. However, improper execution could make the skin appear oily or shiny.

Start off with a hydrating primer and moisturizer, before applying a light dewy foundation that matches your skin tone, then define and add depth with mascara, then finish off with tinted lip gloss that’s slightly darker than your natural hue.

To achieve a gorgeous and radiant complexion, it is necessary to provide your body with proper nourishment from within. Be sure to drink enough water, consume a diet rich in fruits and vegetables (particularly those high in essential fatty acids) as well as avoid smoking or excessive alcohol consumption, get enough restful sleep each night, engage in regular physical activity and use sunscreens with high SPF/non nano zinc oxide ratings.

Go Sun-Kissed

Fresh-faced makeup is the ideal look for summer. Choose lightweight foundations and tinted moisturizers that offer light to medium coverage without looking cakey or heavy; brighten eyes using concealer to hide blemishes and redness; then finish it off with blush for a healthy glow.

To achieve a natural sun-kissed glow, apply bronzer along the high points of your face such as cheekbones and bridge of nose. Blend well to avoid harsh lines, and select a darker shade which complements your skin tone.

Start off your look with a subtle highlighter like BALI BODY’s Highlighter Stick — its creamy-to-matte formula blends beautifully for a natural, non-glittery glow. Next, set it all off with L’Oreal Paris Fit Me Loose Setting Powder to help mattify and control oil build-up for longer wear.

Add a Pop of Colour to Your Lips

Makeup applications should end with a splash of color on the lips to achieve a natural, radiant appearance. Start by applying lip liner that is slightly darker than your natural lips before adding some Lifter Plump Lifting Gloss for full and plush lips.

Make an impression this summer with more playful makeup by switching out brown eyeshadow for vivid coral, teal or shimmering gold shades – you will make your eyes pop out and attract everyone’s attention! These vibrant eyeshadow hues will highlight your eyes and draw everyone’s focus towards you!

To achieve an all-over natural radiant glow, opt for lightweight illuminating powders which blur pores and fine lines, then finish it off with some light dusting of highlighter on cheekbones, brow bones and Cupid’s bow for the finishing touches. By following these beauty tips you will look fresh and natural this summer – don’t miss Uniprix for their wide selection of makeup that can help create this radiant look!

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